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Where is my refund? Expired card or closed bank account

Due to card provider policies, we always refund to the original payment method.

Once a refund has been processed by us, you will receive an automated email to inform you. Please allow up to 10 working days for the funds to clear into your account.

Expired or Replaced Card

If the card used for the payment has expired, and you now have a replacement card, the refund will still be processed to the correct place but the process can take a few days extra. 

Bank Account Closed

Refunds can still be processed to bank accounts that have been closed, due to the same card provider policies mentioned above. In this case, the bank will be holding the funds for you and you will need to contact them.

We advise to ask to speak to the debit card/credit card department (depending on the type of card used on the order), or the disputes or treasury department at the bank, as they can transfer the funds to your new account. 

Once the refund has been made, we are unable to reclaim the money back. 

Payment Plan Orders

We have to refund each payment made when refunding a payment plan order. Each payment is refunded back to its original payment method, so your refund can be sent to multiple accounts if you updated the card during the payment plan.