Where are my tickets?

  • If your Festival tickets are being released as e-tickets, then these will available in your Festicket account, which you can access by logging in to my-account or on the app (apple / Google). 
  • If your Festival tickets are postal tickets, or the Festival wristbands are being delivered to you, these will be shipped to the address on the order around 5-6 weeks before the festival starts. Either us or the Festival will contact you via email to inform you when your tickets/wristbands have been shipped. 
  • If there are any special instructions for the delivery of your tickets (i.e. tickets will be on the Festival's own app, or you will need to pick up your tickets at the festival site) we will contact you via email with all the information. If you need to change the email address on your order so you receive these emails, visit the article Changing Email Address

Exactly when your tickets are ready varies from Festival to Festival, as we receive all our tickets from the Promoters directly. To see what date they will be arriving, go to the order page on your Festicket account. This information will also be displayed on the app. 

Please check the upcoming festivals section for any festival specific content.