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Payment Plan FAQs

How do I complete my order/pay for the remaining balance?

Please see our article Incomplete Payment Plan Orders for instructions on how to complete your Southport Weekender 2023 order.

I did not receive the email

If you have not received the email with your booking link, please check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam, please contact us using this form.

You’ve reached the maximum purchase limit for this item.

If you see this message when viewing your basket, you are still able to continue to checkout and complete your order.

When will I receive my tickets?

You will not receive e-tickets for Southport Weekender 2023. Instead, we will send the lead booker a form via email in early 2023 for you to provide the details of your party. The lead booker will need to provider their name and photo ID when they arrive at Butlins.

I can't view my tickets on my order or the app.

As mentioned above, e-tickets will not be issued for this event.

Contact us

If your question hasn't been answered, or you require assistance with your order, please contact us via this form.