Pay with Friends - How does it work?

Pay with Friends is one of Festicket’s payment options, designed to help you split the payment with your friends when booking your festival experience for a group.

Pay with Friends aims to alleviate the hassle of booking for a group by allowing the lead booker to reserve the booking for their whole group, while only having to pay for their part of the payment upfront. The other members of the group then have 48 hours to pay for their individual parts.

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Pay with Friends is available across most of our events. When you visit the festival that you’re interested in booking, look for our payment options messaging to check availability to spread the cost of your booking using Pay with Friends.

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Pay with Friends will be available as a payment option in the checkout on those festivals, as long as you are purchasing items for 2 people or more.

Once you’ve selected your items and added them to your basket, proceed to the checkout page and complete your details as normal.

Once you reach the payment details section, you’ll be presented with an option to pay with your friends.

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Choose in how many ways payments will be split

In this section, you will be able to choose in how many ways you want to split your payment. The cost of your booking will be split evenly across those payments. For example, if you choose to pay with 2 friends, you and your 2 friends will have to pay each one third of the booking.

This part is really flexible for you: if you’ve bought 4 tickets for a group of 4 people, but you’d want to split only in 3 ways, it’s possible! If you want to split in 5 ways, it’s also possible.

At this stage, you don’t need to invite your friends yet. You’ll be able to do that once your own payment is paid.

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Pay your own part

Once you’ve selected Pay with Friends, simply enter your payment card details as normal, and complete your own part of the transaction. At this stage, we’ll simply authorise your part of the booking without capturing the money. In your bank statement, this will appear as a pending transaction.


Reach your group booking status page

Once your payment is authorised, you’ll receive an email and reach the group booking status page. At this stage, you have to invite your friends to pay their parts.

To do that, you can copy and share the invitation link with your group.

On this same page, you can track the status of your group booking: who paid, how much money is left to pay, and how much time you have to pay in full. You can always access that page from your confirmation email.

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Now, time for your friends to pay! 

It’s very simple and fast for your friends to pay. Once they’ve received the invitation link, they will be able to pay their part on our single-page payment form. Anyone with the link will be able to pay for a part, no login required, simple & fast! We’ll authorise the payments from your friends, and they may show as pending payments on their bank statements.

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Payments are also flexible in the sense that one person from your group (or you) could pay for 2 or more parts, if they wanted to.

All payers from a booking will receive email notification when someone from your group pays. Your friends will also have access to the group booking status page, to track progress. But they won’t be able to invite other people, only the lead payer is able to do that!

Once the last payment is paid, the group booking becomes fully paid and all payments will be completed. All payers will receive a confirmation email, and the leader booker (group leader) will be able to access the booking page to access the delivery details and order documents, receipts and list of payers.