Failed Payments

After successfully setting up a payment plan on your order, the subsequent payment attempts can be unsuccessful. The most common reasons for a payment failing are the card being cancelled (i.e. after being lost or stolen), expired, or if there are insufficient funds in the bank account. 

  • If a payment attempt has failed, there will be a second payment attempt for that instalment in 3 days.
  • If the second payment attempt fails, the final payment attempt for that instalment will be tried in 3 days.
  • If the third payment attempt fails, then the booking will be cancelled.

Each time a payment is unsuccessful we will update you via email. The email will contain the reason the payment failed.

You are able to the payment method on the order, should you need to do so. Please see our Can I change my card details? article for details.


If you do have sufficient funds to cover the payment, but the payment still fails, it may be worth checking with your bank to see if they are declining the payments.

Please contact us as soon as you receive notification that the booking has been cancelled. If we have sufficient stock, we will be able to reinstate the order so you can continue paying for your tickets. 

However, if we no longer have stock the deposit will be lost, as well as any previous instalments that you have paid.