Activating Tickets - FAQ

If you are using the app to activate and view your tickets, please ensure the app is updated to the latest version. You can do this by clicking on the app on the relevant app store, and updating it if necessary.

Once all tickets on an order have been activated, the tickets will be available 72 hours before the festival starts. 


Once all tickets on an order have been activated, the tickets will be available 72 hours before the festival starts. 

How do I activate my tickets?

Once the ticket activation is launched you will receive an activation email.

To view your tickets, please sign in to your Festicket account or the app, and go to your order. You will then be able to see the tickets on your order.

To activate your ticket, please click on “Activate” on your ticket and add the required attendee details for each ticket.

You can send an activation link to your friends. They will be able to activate their tickets and receive them directly.



Where are my tickets?

  • Once your ticket is activated, you will be able to see the QR code on the app or access the PDF of the ticket on
  • If you have activated your tickets but on the app it says they need to be activated, please log out of the app and update it to the latest version by going on to the app store. Once updated, if you log in again the tickets will now show as activated.

How do I send tickets to my friends?

  • If you’ve booked tickets for friends, we recommend sending it to them for faster entry to the festival.
  • To send their ticket, press 'Send to a friend' when managing the tickets - you then just need to provide their phone number and email address so they receive their ticket (or activation link) by email, SMS and in their account.
  • They can follow the link they receive via email and SMS, and either download the Festicket app to get access to their tickets or their tickets will also available from the order details page on
  • Once you send a ticket to a friend, the ticket will only be delivered to your friend. The barcode will not be available in your own account.


Can I edit attendee or invitation details if I make a mistake?

  • Please be aware that attendee details, and invitation details, cannot be edited once they have been submitted.
  • We appreciate that sometimes mistakes are made, so if you have made a small typo on an attendee name, or email address, please get in touch with us to register the correct attendee details. 

Privacy policy

  • We may ask for some personal data on behalf of the event organiser, or to send invitation links.
  • This data will be used for ticket fulfilment, access control and management of the event only, it will not be used for marketing purposes, nor shared with anyone else. All data is protected under GDPR and our Privacy Policy here.
  • This information is a mandatory requirement in order to gain access to the event, and failure to do so will result in refused entry.